Do you keep pets at your house like a boarding kennel?

No, I come to your house and take care of your pets in their natural comfort zone - their house.

What exactly will you do for my pets?

Usually the first thing I do is pet and smooch on them to say hello. Then, if it's a dog, I take them out to use the bathroom. After that it varies depending on what that particular pet is used to and its needs. I feed them, play with them, clean cats litter boxes, etc. If I find the animals had an accident I clean it up. Every pet is different and my visits are tailored to their needs, likes, etc.

How do you know what my animal needs?

Once you've expressed interest in my services I arrange for what I call a meet and greet between me, you an your pets. I'll ask you a lot of questions about what they like to eat, where they eat, if I need to separate them while they dine, where you keep their food and treats. I'll ask you if they're afraid of anything (like rain) have favorite toys or allergies. We just kind of talk and I get to know your pet and you so they won't mind me coming into your house when you're not there. That initial visit is free.

Will you bring my mail in?

 You bet! I'll also bring in the paper, water your plants and turn lights on and off. I'll make it so no one will know you're not home.

Do you have pets?

I do! I have two dogs, both rescues. Katy is shepherd mix and Parker gives new meaning to "mixed breed". I also have two small parrots that needed homes and I took them in. I was born into a family who always had pets. I've always been around animals and I LOVE them!