Our Services


   In home pet sitting is perfect for houses with multiple pets and for pets that aren't crazy for car rides. Plus it relieves the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment.

  I charge $22 for a 30 minute visit. Most dogs need two visits per day. I'll feed them, walk them if you like, throw the ball, whatever they're used to doing with you that they would miss.

     And of course, the petting and fussing over them is included.

     Cats and birds may need only one visit per day, but I can visit them more if need be.

     For cats, I'll scoop the litter box, replace litter if necessary, play with them, etc.

     And while I'm taking care of the babies I can water the plants, bring in the mail and the paper, turn lights on and off at no extra charge. I tailor my visits to suit you and your pets needs.